Wireless terminals for collecting data from Mitutoyo and Mahr gauges

These terminals are autonomous multichannel transmitters for data acquisition from Mitutoyo and Mahr gauges. The are equipped with an LCD screen, crossover controller, wireless BT connection to a superior system, and come with their own utility program, which based on the parameters of the measuring task, controls the course of the measurement. The terminals do not require the immediate presence of a computer at the control place. They are designed for immediate deployment in production halls, as close as possible to the manufacturing operations, and where deployment of personal computers would be impossible or very inefficient. The terminals can also be used as mere data collectors or transmitters (multiplexers).











Front view of the QTREE-SMDX8-TE device


The electronics are installed in a solid, anodized aluminum box. The screen is covered with scratch-resistant polycarbonate embedded in the mounting shell. The cross controller has 5 buttons with microswitches. The front and back panels have engraved indelible labels labels. Rubber feet ensure safe placement on work surface.

Operating modes

The device can be operated in two modes - SDMX-TERMINAL (terminal - basic mode) and SDMX-BT (transmitter/multiplexer – compatible with QTREE-SDMX).

Power supply

The device is powered by a 230V power supply via a USB adapter. In SDMX-BT mode (transmitter/multiplexer) it is either powered vie the USB adapter or via the USB port of a computer.

Transmitters UART/USB and UART/BT

The transmitter processes the data coming from the Mitutoyo gauges via the Mitutoyo Digimatic interface. The output protocol from the converter is the Mitutoyo MUX50 protocol. The internal microprocessor output interface is the UART serial interface. A UART / USB converter is connected to a single UART serial interface to convert the output to the device (endpoint) 1 of the USB interface. After connecting the converter to a computer, system device driver (endpoint) 1 allocates a separate virtual COM port. The UART / BT converter is connected to the UART serial interface.

Secondary RS232/USB transmitter

This is separate device, completely independent of other functions. It is RS232/USB parallel transmitter which can be used for connecting any RS232 device to a computer. This converter can only be used when the terminal is connected to a computer via a USB cable.

Basic features

  • Choice of product (control plan).
  • Choice of worker (operator).
  • Measurement is organized after control sampling. Control sampling represents the measured values for up to 16 parameters and 8 control plan samples.
  • The terminal program allows simple and intuitive orientation in the measured values of the control sampling.
  • Up to 20 complete control subscriptions (table of measured values up to 16 columns and 8 rows) and control plans for the monitored products are stored in the memory of the terminal.
  • Checksums can be replenished, repaired or deleted and sent individually or as a whole to the supervisor.
  • Sending control subscriptions to the parent system can be done both remotely (wirelessly) and locally when the terminal is connected to a computer by a cable. In the latter case, the terminal is used as a mere data collector.
  • The program displays the currently measured parameter, sample, and channel number to which the corresponding gauge is connected.
  • Signals beyond the specified limits (both the value and the exceeded limit are highlighted, with the option to set an alarm).
  • Both the last measured value and all previous measured values for the entire control sampling (depending on the position of the cursor in the display table) are displayed.
  • It is possible to set the cursor to scroll automatically after measuring the value - by columns (samples), by lines (parameters) or completely disabling it.
  • Automatic activation of the foot switch for the gauges connected to the input channel corresponding to the current measured parameter.
  • The device can operate either in SDMX-TERMINAL mode (basic setting) or in SDMX-BT mode.
  • The task of the superior system is to configure the terminal once (record its control plans) and to then take packets with control samples from it. These subscriptions are written to a computer disk for further processing by any program.
  • The terminal communication protocol is made available to all potential automated data collectors from Mitutoyo gauges.
  • A secondary RS232/USB transmitter for connecting another gauge to the RS232 interface.
  • Just one foot switch for input data control from all input channels.
  • The device can be connected to a computer with operating system Windows 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, W7 and newer.
  • Multiplexer product range:
    · QTREE-SDMX8-TE – 8-channel (8 x Mitutoyo Digimatic)
    · QTREE-SDMX4-TE – 4-channel (4 x Mitutoyo Digimatic)


Main advantages of the QTREE-SDMX-TE product range

  • The devices are primarily intended for direct use in production halls but can also be used in laboratories and testing rooms.
  • The devices provide effective data collection from Mitutoyo or Mahr gauges in situations where the direct deployment of personal computers for manufacturing operations is impossible or highly inefficient.
  • Two operation modes guarantee effective use even where there are changes in production or changes in the control system.

QTREE-SDMX Multiplexer

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