QTREE-CAQ Monitor.NET was created by combining three previous versions of quality monitoring software - QTREE-SPC C/S, QTREE-LAB C/S and QTREE-TEST C/S, each of which had specific functions in relation to the type of production they were applied to, and the integration of the QTREE-EM C/S software (measuring gauges). QTREE-CAQ Monitor .NET offers customers a comprehensive product that can be used both for monitoring and controlling the production of discrete parts (mechanical engineering, automotive) and for the laboratory inspection of continuous production processes (food, chemicals, building meterials), as well as for the final inspection and testing of final products and whole assemblies. Compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 22514, QS9000, VDA 6 and ISO/TS 16949 standards is a matter of course. The software solution provides both detailed and aggregated views of the data from the monitored processes. From the technological point of view, this concerns an application in Windows (XP, 2000, 2003, Vista 32/64bit, 7 32/64-bit, 8 32/64-bit, Windows 10 32/64-bit) using Microsoft SQL Server database technology and on-line communication with external measuring devices.


Basic features

  • QTREE-CAQ Monitor.NET was developed for monitoring and controlling the quality of production of discrete parts (mechanical engineering, automotive), and for the laboratory inspection of continuous production processes (food, chemicals, building materials), as well as for the final inspection and testing of final products and whole assemblies.
  • An appropriate combination of gauges and system setup can be determined and implemented according to the specific needs of users across a wide range of industrial sectors.
  • The software is particularly targeted at production-based companies that are seeking to raise the standard of their quality control process(es).

Automatic data import

  • Automated data import from 3D measuring devices (DEA, Zeiss, Mitutoyo, Werth, Nikon, Wenzel, LDI, FARO, HEXAGON, Mazak, Perceptron, Creaform, AMETEK, Galileo, JENOPTIK Opticline and others).


Multi-level security system against unauthorized access to application data and features:


Access rights

  • Access to workstation
  • Access to network
  • Access to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Access to individual tasks and features
  • Access to individual database tables (read, write, repair and interference) 
  • Labeling and identification of production orders can be used to identify electronic identification media (memory cards, memory chips, bar code)
  • ODBC drivers provide full access to data through Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, MS Query) while retaining defined access permissions.
  • The data generated by the monitored processes are organized in a sophisticated hierarchical structure through control plans.



Main identifiers:


Secondary identifiers:

  • Product
  • Supplier/Customer
  • Procedure
  • Operation
  • Control plan
  • Production order
  • Production batch
  • Controlled selection
  • Controlled sample
  • Measurable parameters
  • Attributive parameters
  • Verbally specified parameter(s)
  • Date of collection
  • Time of collection
  • Shift
  • Number of collection
  • Number of sample
  • User identification of collection
  • User identification of sample
  • Machine
  • Machine position
  • Tool
  • Tool position
  • Other user-defined identifier(s)
  • Control sampling may range from 1 to 200 samples and may contain either measured, compared or attributive parameter values.
  • Individual records can be linked to records of production orders (manufacturing batches, vendors of purchasers).
  • Compared with the previous QTREE-SPC software, the user interface has been completely redesigned.


Uživatelské prostředí aplikace CAQ Monitor.NET

  • The system is equipped with navigators to help the user more easily navigate the often complex product structure, control plans and parameters.
  • It is possible to assemble an independent tree structure above the product list to select further products. The tree structure is available through the navigator.
  • Navigators work bidirectionally - the navigator moves instantly into a list, and the movement in the lists is instantly reflected in the navigator.
  • Table lists can be sorted in descending or ascending order according to any number of columns.
  • Table lists can be grouped according to any number of levels.
  • Table lists can be filtered according to the data in all columns.
  • The system distinguishes between two levels of filters, namely the SQL filter when loading lists from a database and a spreadsheet filter that filters the data loaded into the table.
  • The filtering options can be compiled by simply selecting or compiling a logical expression in detail.
  • The software features the perfect tool for the online drafting of print protocols and reports.
  • Print protocols are adjustable for printing in Czech, English and German regardless of the language version of the program. Complete versions are available in Czech, English and German (including contextual help and documentation).
  • Print protocols can be transformed into many formats, including PDF and Excel.
  • All data views through tables can be exported to Excel.


 Measuring dialogs

  • For workshop deployments, the program operator is only required to operate the measurement dialog. The measurement dialog is available in several versions, whereby each version is dependent on the area of use.


Graphic representation during measurement

Graphic representation during measurement

  • Entry forms in spreadsheet and column form are complemented by graphical representations of the measured values within the tolerance band. If the tolerance band is exceeded, this is signaled optically and acoustically.
  • The values of the controlled parameters can be measured or calculated values and may be determined by measuring or comparing.
  • Computational operations are defined by formulae, including a set of standard statistical functions (Min, Max, Avg, Med, R, S, Vk).
  • In addition to the basic attributes (number, name, nominal value, lower limit, upper limit), the attributes used by the external measuring device (gauge, basic gauge capability, measuring device number, measuring device channel number) and by statistical tools can be defined for each monitored parameters.
  • Each measurable parameter can be assigned a measurement device driver shortcut and the channel number of an external device. We supply a number of drivers for various devices, including our own QTREE-SDMX multiplexer. The driver set is continually updated with new device drivers.


Measured quantities
Devices drivers
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Hardness
  • Strength
  • Torque moment
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Chemical composition
  • Color spectrum
  • ELGO
  • BYK
  • KERN
  • UWE
  • YMC
  • AMS
  • The measured values can be stored in production, calibration and adjustment modes.
  • During each measurement, the gauge identifier is displayed. The gauge identifier is assigned to the measured value, including the calibration date.
  • Measurements, procedures and other documents are available during the measurement, including an on-line display of measurement progress.
  • Any documents (logs, photos) can be attached to the control records.


Continuous evaluation of measured values

  • During the insertion of the measured values, tests are performed that continuously evaluate the measured values.

Evaluation of continuous tests of measured values

  • Test values outside the regulation limits
  • Test 9 points in a row consecutively in zone C or beyond it on either side of the center line
  • Test run 6 points
  • Test 14 consecutive points regularly fluctuating
  • Test 2 of the 3 points in a row lying in zone A or beyond in on either side of the center line
  • Test 4 out of 5 points in a row lying in the band area BA on either side of the center line
  • Test 15 points in a row consecutively located in zone C on either side of the center line
  • Test 8 points in a raw consecutively located outside zone C on either side of the center line
Statistical tools
  • A detailed evaluation of each of the lowest level processes (as defined by the machine, machine position, tool and tool position) is performed using a large set of SPC tools.
  • The database structure and control subscription attributes give the application a high degree of adaptability to the multiple requirements of statistical process control.
  • A summarized evaluation is done through aggregated protocols. These protocols centralize the data of all operations, control plans and product parameters for the specified period or for a particular production order.
  • An extensive set of statistical tools is closely linked to the definition of control plans, database storage solutions, interactive measurement and evaluation, compared to common SPC tools on the market.
  • The new generation of statistical tools includes sophisticated control and configuration options. All calculation and display method settings are not globally defined, but are part of the defined control parameter definitions in control plans.
  • The color palette of the display can be set separately for screen and printers. The printouts retain the proportional line thicknesses according to the printer's resolution.
  • The QTREE-CAQ Monitor.NET quality Monitoring System is equipped with a large single set of statistical tools, complemented by data visualization via MS Excel.


  • Processing of regulation cards up to 200 samples of 2-25 samples (Xq-R, Xq-S, Xm-R, Xm-S, XmFord, XmContinental, X-Rn, Xn-Rn, Histogram, Cp, Cpk, Cpm, Cpmk, Pp, Ppm, Ppk, Ppmk, Cm, Cmk, Paretto)
  • Processing of regulation cards up to 200 samples of size 1 sample (X-Rn, Xn-Rn, Histogram, Cp, Cpk, Cpm, Cpmk, Pp, Ppm, Ppk, Ppmk, Cm, Cmk, Paretto)
  • Detailed data analysis - data processing of any range (Histogram, Cp, Cpk, Cpm, Cpmk, Pp, Ppm, Ppk, Ppmk, Cm ,Cmk, Paretto)
  • Development of long-term studies - trends (Xq-R, Xq-S, Xm-R, Xm-S, XmFord, XmContinental, X-Rn, Xn-Rn, SDn, Cp, Cpk, Cpm, Cpmk, Cm ,Cmk)
  • Processing reports (SDn, Paretto)
  • Processing attributes (collections cards of defects - Paretto, p-cards, np, c, u)
  • Box graph (exported to MS Excel)
  • Line graph (exported to MS Excel)
  • Combination of box and line graphs (exported to MS Excel)


Related services

  • Analysis of the manufacturing process in terms of suitability for SPC
  • Stability testing, scatter testing
  • Preparation of documents for SPC
  • Project development and implementation of local SPC systems
  • Connection to measuring instruments
  • Connection to measuring stations
  • SPC training for all categories of workers


Areas of use

  • Quality control
  • Technical preparation of production
  • Production


Other services

  • 24/7 hot line
  • Operational resolution of all emergencies via Internet and remote management (TeamViewer, etc.)
  • Installation and training (training carried out by staff of the development team)



Main advantages

A number of statistical data processing products are available on the software market. Most of these products, however, primarily focus on the issue of statistical processing, while issues of measurement, data structuring, data organization and storage are solved very marginally or not at all. Such software solutions focus on the provision of simple, effective and non-prolematic features which predestined for demonstration purposes rather than for full operational deployment.

In contrast, QTREE-CAQ Monitor.NET solves these problem by integrating the individual software tools into a single system:

  • Measurement and visualization
  • Organization and data storage
  • Statistical processing with specialized SPC tools

QTREE-SDMX Multiplexer

Introducing the QTREE-SDMX Multiplexer. We offer our customers multi-channel data transmitters, from Mitutoyo or Mahr gauges (both with DIGIMATIC interface). Multiplexers are used to transfer data from gauges to a computer via a USB, either standard wire or wireless. The electronics of the device are installed in a solid, anodized aluminum box. It can resist the demanding conditions associated with engineering or plastics production.

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Introducing QTREE-CAQ Monitor.NET - Quality monitoring system. We offer our customers a unique product that can be used both for monitoring and controlling the production of discrete parts (mechanical engineering, automotive) and for the laboratory inspection of continuous production processes (food, chemical, building materials), as well as for the final inspection and testing of final products and whole assemblies.

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Automatic Data Import from 3D

We offer our customers an automated data import solution from 3D measuring devices. This is the basic feature of QTREE-CAQ Monitor.NET software. Our customers acquire a large amount of data from 3D measurements which they do not work with anymore. We help them with the collection of data and the generation of outcomes. We support imports from measuring devices from a wide range brands, including DEA, Zeiss, Mitutoyo, Werth, Nikon, Wenzel and Mazak.

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