Wireless multiplexers for Mitutoyo and Mahr gauges

Wireless data transmitters from Mitutoyo gauges allow wireless connection of the transmitter to a computer via Bluetooth. A standard USB connection via USB cable is also possible. The connection of the Mitutoyo gauges with the cable converter remains unchanged. The range of Bluetooth technology is up to 100 meters. The transducers are additionally equipped  with a completely separate input for devices with RS232 interface, which is converted to USB, and an input for another separate foot switch for any use. The standalone RS232 input can only be used with a standard USB cable connection. Both 4-channel and 8-channel versions are available.

The wireless connection is especially useful when the distance between the computer and the transmitter is greater than 3 meteres and a connection via a USB cable would be unreliable or totally impossible.

Front view of the QTREE-SDMX4 BT device

The electronics are installed in a solid, anodized aluminum box. The front and back panels have engraved indelible labels. Rubber feet ensure safe placement on work surfaces and enable the stacking of several units on top of each other.

Transmitters UART/USB and UART/BT

The transmitter processes the data coming from the Mitutoyo gauges via the Mitutoyo Digimatic interface. The output protocol from the converter is the Mitutoyo MUX50 protocol. The internal microprocessor output interface is the UART serial interface. A UART / USB converter is connected to a single UART serial interface to convert the output to device (endpoint) 1 of the USB interface. After connecting the converter to a computer, system device driver (endpoint) 1 allocates a separate virtual COM port. The UART / BT converter is connected to the UART serial interface.

Transmitter RS232/USB

This is a separate RS232 interface converter on USB device (endpoint) 2. When a multiplexer is connected to a computer, system device driver (endpoint) 2 allocates a separate virtual COM port, one that is different to the COM port allocated to the primary converter.

Foot switches

The first foot switch connected to the FS1 socket controls the CH1 to CH4 or CH1 to CH8 communication. Pressing the switch results in the reading and sending of the measured value from the gauges, whilst pushing the foot switch sends information to the transmitter output interface. This information can then be used by the application program for any purpose. The second foot switch is connected to the FS2 socket. When you press the connected foot switch, a message is sent to the port belonging to the Mitutoyo Digimatic / USB transmitter that the footswitch connected to the FS2 socket has been pressed. In this way, the application program provides information that can be used, for example, to control the communication with another meter connected to the RS232 of the secondary RS232/USB converter.

Basic features

  • Two options for connecting the converter to a computer - wireless (Bluetooth) and wired (USB)
  • Wireless connection with a computer with a range of up to 100 meters
  • For wireless connection, the converter is powered through the USB power supply connected via a USB cable
  • Separate RS232 / USB converter for connecting another RS232 meter to the USB port of your computer
  • Single foot switch to control data input from all input channels
  • Second foot switch for any use, for example to control a separately connected gauge on the RS232 multiplexer input
  • The converters can be connected to a computer with operating syste m Windows 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP and newer.
  • Multiplexer product range:
    · QTREE-SDMX4 BT - 4-channel (4 x Mitutoyo Digimatic)
    · QTREE-SDMX8 BT - 8-channel (8 x Mitutoyo Digimatic)
  • Additional information:
    · For more detailed information, please refer to the User's Guide


Main benefits of the QTREE-SDMX BT product range

  • Various ways to connect to a computer - wireless (Bluetooth) and wired (USB)
  • The mechanical design of the QTREE-SDMX BT product range enables it to be used both in laboratories, testing rooms, and industrial environments.
  • When you purchase a QTREE-SDMX BT multiplexer, you receive a discount on the purchase of QTREE-DC/SDMX software for data collection from measuring instruments and export into MS Excel.
  • The design of the QTREE-SDMX BT product range enables it, in special cases, to be extended to include up to 16 channels.

QTREE-SDMX Multiplexer

Introducing the QTREE-SDMX Multiplexer. We offer our customers multi-channel data transmitters, from Mitutoyo or Mahr gauges (both with DIGIMATIC interface). Multiplexers are used to transfer data from gauges to a computer via a USB, either standard wire or wireless. The electronics of the device are installed in a solid, anodized aluminum box. It can resist the demanding conditions associated with engineering or plastics production.

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Introducing QTREE-CAQ Monitor.NET - Quality monitoring system. We offer our customers a unique product that can be used both for monitoring and controlling the production of discrete parts (mechanical engineering, automotive) and for the laboratory inspection of continuous production processes (food, chemical, building materials), as well as for the final inspection and testing of final products and whole assemblies.

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Automatic Data Import from 3D

We offer our customers an automated data import solution from 3D measuring devices. This is the basic feature of QTREE-CAQ Monitor.NET software. Our customers acquire a large amount of data from 3D measurements which they do not work with anymore. We help them with the collection of data and the generation of outcomes. We support imports from measuring devices from a wide range brands, including DEA, Zeiss, Mitutoyo, Werth, Nikon, Wenzel and Mazak.

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