QTREE-CAQ Monitor .NET Basic information


Basic information

Uživatelské prostředí aplikace CAQ Monitor.NET

Strengths and advantages of using QTREE-CAQ Monitor .NET

  • QTREE-CAQ includes improvements and new features as suggested through feedback from users of QTREE-SPC throughout its operation.
  • QTREE-CAQ is compatible with all current Windows operating systems (from Windows XP SP3 up to Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit).
  • QTREE-CAQ is powered by MS SQL Server 2016 (also on 2008 R2, 2012 and 2014)
  • QTREE-CAQ  has been developed with the latest tools available.
  • QTREE-CAQ has a redesigned user interface that meets current user needs.
  • QTREE-CAQ has the ability to import data from 3D measuring devices (DEA, Zeiss, Mitutoyo, Werth, Nikon, Wenzel, LDI, FARO, HEXAGON, Mazak, Perceptron, Creaform, AMETEK, Galileo and others).

New features

  • Shewhart charts for signaling controls events during the measurement
  • E-mail auto-reports for different measurement events (e.g. Shewhart charts, measured values outside tolerance, incomplete measurements)
  • Character values (such as OK, NOK) entered in words.
  • Option to place a picture relative to the measured parameter in the measurement form (e.g. to show the exact position of the gauge relative to the product).
  • For the measurement, the measurement form is displayed as a linear graph with tolerances and control values.
  • The measuring form continuously signals the need to perform a measurement according to the set measurement interval in the control plan. The form of signaling is optional - beeping, flashing or placing the measurement window in the foreground.
  • A large add-on (photos, charts, or device protocols) can be attached to the control sample.
  • The program cooperates with new wireless devices for data collection from Mitutoyo devices. QTREE-SDL (Smart Data Logger) and QTREE-SDMX Terminal.
  • The program is equipped with a completely new tool for compiling statistical reports any product groups and monitored parameters.

Other features

  • Connection to digital gauges with RS232 or Mitutoyo Digimatic interface
  • Importing measured data from MS Excel
  • The program minimizes human error during measurement.
  • The program is equipped with a complete set of classic SPC tools.
  • The optopm to build a tree structure - a product class - above the product list
  • Different types of navigators facilitate easier orientation in the list of products, control plans and monitored parameters
  • The program uses a completely new table view with many control options (filtering, sorting, and grouping by any number of columns) to view all sorts of lists.
  • Extensive filtering options at both the query level of data from the database and the already displayed set via the table.
  • A brand-new design and print set generator with many options to create, customize, and then export to many electronic formats, including barcode and 2D code printing.
  • All displayed data can easily be exported to MS Excel, TXT, HTML or PDF.
  • Special user exports to MS Excel
  • Export of the measured data in CSV format for further processing
  • Simple server installation for easy administration of client applications in one place (server) and extension to other workstations.
  • All user settings (both functional and visual) are stored in the database of the current user's account.
  • Extensive options for setting user permissions (down to the minutest details).
  • Logon option via barcode reader or RFID.
  • Continuous application development based on the wishes and requirements of existing customers
  • More experience gained in 26 years of SPC operation with our customers


Complete information about QTREE-CAQ Monitor .NET

QTREE-SDMX Multiplexer

Introducing the QTREE-SDMX Multiplexer. We offer our customers multi-channel data transmitters, from Mitutoyo or Mahr gauges (both with DIGIMATIC interface). Multiplexers are used to transfer data from gauges to a computer via a USB, either standard wire or wireless. The electronics of the device are installed in a solid, anodized aluminum box. It can resist the demanding conditions associated with engineering or plastics production.

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Introducing QTREE-CAQ Monitor.NET - Quality monitoring system. We offer our customers a unique product that can be used both for monitoring and controlling the production of discrete parts (mechanical engineering, automotive) and for the laboratory inspection of continuous production processes (food, chemical, building materials), as well as for the final inspection and testing of final products and whole assemblies.

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Automatic Data Import from 3D

We offer our customers an automated data import solution from 3D measuring devices. This is the basic feature of QTREE-CAQ Monitor.NET software. Our customers acquire a large amount of data from 3D measurements which they do not work with anymore. We help them with the collection of data and the generation of outcomes. We support imports from measuring devices from a wide range brands, including DEA, Zeiss, Mitutoyo, Werth, Nikon, Wenzel and Mazak.

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