About us

Trestik is a family company, registered under the trade name  Ing. Josef Trestik - TREE. We have benn operating in the software solutions market since 1991. Trestik focuses on the development and provision of software solutions and related services in the field of quality management and production monitoring for users from a wide range of industrial sectors.

Our strengths lie in the direct and consistent contact that is established between the staff of our development team and the end-users of our products throughout all stages of the process - development, implementation and operation, as well as in the quality of the delivered software solutions, database technologies and services.



  • Development and implementation of production quality management software
    • Systems for monitoring production processes
    • Statistical tools for SPC
    • Systems for planning and operational control of controlling
    • Systems for metrology
    • Document management and control systems
  • Development and implementation of production management software
    • Systems for recording production flows, identification of production batches and production balance
    • Weighing systems for weigh belt conveyors
    • Systems for checking prepackaged goods
  • Custom software development
  • Development and production of electronic microprocessor equipment
    • Production of prototypes
    • Production of small series
  • Design and implementation of control rooms
  • Professional consultancy and consultancy services in the field of statistical process management
  • Installation of the supplied solutions and technical assistance in commissioning
  • Service and maintenance of delivered solutions


Quality solutions guarantee

  • Many years of experience in the development of information systems that utilize the latest IT technologies
  • Extensive practical experience with the introduction of SPC and SQC systems in a wide range of industrial sectors
  • Customized software solutions developed by dedicated teams
  • Direct interstitial link between the development team and the end user at all stages of development and operation
  • Collaboration with leading experts in the field
  • Collaboration with importers and manufacturers of measuring technologies
  • Collaboration with consultants of certification companies on issues of system management and quality control

QTREE-SDMX Multiplexer

Introducing the QTREE-SDMX Multiplexer. We offer our customers multi-channel data transmitters, from Mitutoyo or Mahr gauges (both with DIGIMATIC interface). Multiplexers are used to transfer data from gauges to a computer via a USB, either standard wire or wireless. The electronics of the device are installed in a solid, anodized aluminum box. It can resist the demanding conditions associated with engineering or plastics production.

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Introducing QTREE-CAQ Monitor.NET - Quality monitoring system. We offer our customers a unique product that can be used both for monitoring and controlling the production of discrete parts (mechanical engineering, automotive) and for the laboratory inspection of continuous production processes (food, chemical, building materials), as well as for the final inspection and testing of final products and whole assemblies.

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Automatic Data Import from 3D

We offer our customers an automated data import solution from 3D measuring devices. This is the basic feature of QTREE-CAQ Monitor.NET software. Our customers acquire a large amount of data from 3D measurements which they do not work with anymore. We help them with the collection of data and the generation of outcomes. We support imports from measuring devices from a wide range brands, including DEA, Zeiss, Mitutoyo, Werth, Nikon, Wenzel and Mazak.

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